Womenvai Newsletter – May 2024

In this issue:
Page 1-2: Edito by our President with a focus on the CSW68 at United Nations in NYC- USA
Page 2: Highlights of our 7th General Assembly in NYC
Page 3: News from Members and Partners
Page 4: Back from COP28, EPF Students perspectives
Page 5: Organizing the Future – Conference held on the road to COP29
Pages 6-10: Special issue “Back from New York at UN WOMEN CSW68”
Page 10: Inviting our Members and Partners to the CBD-COP16 in Cali
Page 11-12: presenting our Donor EPF new project “INCUBACT’HER” and our new Sponsor INSIGHT DECISION (France)
Page 12: WOMENVAI Executive Board 2023-2026