Our vision

WOMENVAI stands for WOmen and Men in ENVironment and Artificial Intelligence.


New York, United States of America, 22nd March 2023

A call for action towards achieving Agenda 2030 success in Water&EquityForALL

As representatives of civil society but also industries and other public/private stakeholders through our Ambassadors and Partners, WOMENVAI believes in achieving the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development through Water & Equity For All. Only 2% of the stakeholders who contributed to the Global Online Stakeholder Consultation (UN Water, October 2022) come from Women Organizations, when we know that inequity in access to water services including safe water is concentrated on girls, women, indigenous peoples, and persons with disabilities, etc. Water-gender interlinkages with health crucially need stronger commitment from all and stakeholders recognize that women and girls are most health service users and health workers, and therefore their needs are to be prioritized through special programs for women and girls. Through WOMENVAI academy and our KidsVAI programme, we call on actors to contribute to an accelerated implementation and improved impact on the field of not only SDG 6 but also SDG4 and SDG5 which are at the heart of our commitments. Known and unknown challenges in the field of water require innovative and transformative ideas and a “beyond business as usual” approach, that is why Women and Men working together in STEM* for SDGs solutions can bring efficient and effective implementation.

ABOUT WOMENVAI                                 email : contact@womenvai.org

The NGO WOMENVAI established in January 2018, proposed for the Special Consultative status ECOSOC to the United Nations, is a unique platform gathering women and men together in STEM* to build and bring sustainable solutions for a better world, aligned with the SDGs. Our Goals are (a) represent the interests of women in STEM globally (b) strengthen their role in our society in a sustainable and inclusive way (c) build on diversity and create innovative synergies, particularly in areas with high technological added value, to benefit sustainable development and environmental issues (d) enable international cooperation between national organizations of women engineers and scientists, (e) promote a balanced and modern life for all, respectful of professional equality between women and men.

*STEM= Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths

Our slogan is “Transforming our ideas into a smarter today” translates our Vision to come with great ideas and concrete actions to:
  • Raise the voice for girls and women around the world
  • Build projects for the Planet with Artificial Intelligence and New Technologies
  • Take off the invisibility cloak for women in Science, Technology Engineering and Mathematics while working together with their male colleagues

We organize and participate to large international events suchs as UN Water Conference 2023.



WOMENVAI is supported financially by prestigious institutions and corporations. We work in close collaboration with our Financial Supporters and other strategic partners, sharing common objectives, values and projects.

Groupe Aivazian Moreau

AB5 Consulting

ProCadres International

Ocean Pact

Swiss Engineering Genève

EPF Ecole d’ingenieur.e.s

NGOs and Local Partners

WOMENVAI supports projects together with local partners and NGOs without whom nothing would be possible :


 Ministère du Numérique et de la Digitalisation Benin
 Conseil Mauritanien des Femmes d’Affaire Mauritania
 Association Tunisienne des Femmes Ingénieures Tunisia
Youth for Challenge Benin
Roscidet Environment Ivory Coast
Business as Nature Portugal


Message of the president

Yvette Ramos

WOMENVAI offers a unique platform for women and men who, together, codesign and co-build high-tech innovative solutions, projects, aligned with the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. I am proud to have around me talented cofounders and can not thank enough all our stakeholders for being with us in this adventure around the world.


55 Passage du Bureau 75011 Paris , France