Our Vision

WOMENVAI stands for WOmen and Men in ENVironment and Artificial Intelligence.

Our slogan is “Transforming our ideas into a smarter today” translates our Vision to come with great ideas and concrete actions to:

  • Raise the voice for girls and women around the world
  • Build projects for the Planet with Artificial Intelligence and New Technologies
  • Take off the invisibility cloak for women in STEM while working together with our male colleagues

Our History

WOMENVAI stands for WOmen and Men in ENVironment and Artificial Intelligence.

After a few preparation meetings held since 2015 in Switzerland, France, UK, Poland and Germany, a group of Women Engineers and Scientists met in June 2017 at EPF Graduate School of Engineering in Montpellier, France and decided to proceed with the formal registration of a legal entity representing Women Engineers and Scientists in the world.

Cofounders of WOMENVAI created a global NGO focused on XXIst Century, that includes environmental issues, how to bring technological and scientific solutions for a better environment and society, especially for climate change adaptation and mitigation. WOMENVAI was incorporated on January 12th with its 1st General Assembly at the occasion of the IWD 2018, March 8th in Lisbon, Portugal.

WOMENVAI is an official international NGO, headquartered in Paris, France, not for profit, under the registration nb W751242675 at prefecture de Paris.

Our Mission and Goals

WOMENVAI mission and goals as per statutes are as follows

Theme 1: Equality between women and men in STEM

Represent the interests of women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics globally, strengthen their role in our society in a sustainable and inclusive way, promote a balanced and modern life for all, respectful of professional equality between women and men

Theme 2: Strategic projects linking new technologies and environmental issues.

Build on diversity and create innovative synergies, particularly in areas with high technological added value, to benefit sustainable development and environmental issues.

Theme 3: International cooperation with other NGOs and scientific and technical institutions.

Enable international cooperation between national organizations of women engineers and scientists, strengthen partnerships at the regional level, and empower women in STEM so to raise their visibility on the political arena.

Our Values

  • Non-political, non-religious, inclusive

  • Fun and Empathic

  • Smart and pragmatic