A partnership leveraging technology for a more inclusive and sustainable world

Mantle Labs

In a powerful alliance, Womenvai and Mantle Labs collaborate to champion the cause of a more inclusive and sustainable world. Womenvai, dedicated to empowering girls and women globally in STEM fields, collaborates with Mantle Labs, a forefront leader in remote sensing and AI technology, as they unite their expertise to build projects leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Technology for a brighter future. Together, they aim to unveil the untapped potential of women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, while Mantle Labs’ cutting-edge platform, Geotree, stands as a beacon for precision and innovation in environmental monitoring and sustainable projects worldwide.

Womenvai’s objectives are to raise the voice for girls and women around the world, build projects for the Planet leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Technology, as well as take off the invisibility cloak for women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics while working together with their male colleagues.

Mantle Labs is a leading remote sensing and AI technology company dedicated to advancing environmental monitoring and data analytics. With a focus on innovation and precision, Mantle Labs’ platform Geotree offers state-of-the-art solutions for assessing and improving the quality of environmental projects. Its global analytics spans nature-based solution project types including REDD+, ARR, regenerative agriculture, grassland management and sustainable rice cultivation.