Womenvai is excited to announce its partnership with Ecosecurities, a leader in sustainable development.

ecosecurities is an impact-driven provider of environmental services with over two decades of experience in carbon markets and emissions reduction projects around the world. We provide technical and financial services to projects, companies, and organisations. With a rapidly growing portfolio of projects, ecosecurities offers expertise and tailored services in sourcing, developing, and financing of climate mitigation projects.

Yvette Ramos declared: « Our partnership shall allow indeed a lot of future collaboration with our NGO, ECOSOC from June 2023, in the areas of the SDGs, with focus on climate change, gender, education and all domains of STEM* relative to Climate Change adaptation and mitigation. »

*STEM= Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths

This collaboration aims to drive positive change by advocating for gender-responsive policies and promoting gender neutrality in climate change, gender, education. Together, Womenvai and Ecosecurities will work towards creating a more inclusive and sustainable world. Joining forces, they invite individuals and organizations to contribute to this transformative journey towards women’s empowerment and environmental sustainability.