Support women entrepreneurs through action-based workshops to incerate and develop entrepreneurship capacity building.

The WOMENVAI Academy started in 2019 under the name «Les Amazones du Digital» in Benin, dedicated specifically to female entrepreneurship with women from developing countries as beneficiaries, whether they are Junior, Medior or Senior in their professional lives.

As part of the WOMENVAI Academy, we offer, in partnership with local associations, NGOs, to support women entrepreneurs and/or small enterprises led by women, workshops of 2 to 3 days during which we organize and facilitate training-actions aimed at their capacity building in Entrepreneurship. This aims in particular to put women entrepreneurs under the spotlight and promote their activities through our networks of women and partners, including potential financers.

Our mentoring methodology include dedicated seminars around the key stages of business creation and fundraising, development of business and strategic plans, communication and marketing tools.

Aligned with the SDGs – Sustainable Development Goals Agenda 2030, our program mainly targets SDG # 5 through the empowerment of girls and women, since we do focus on gender equality by strengthening the entrepreneurial capacities of women, youth, mediors and seniors, and we also help strengthen the leadership of women – so that they can better participate in the economic and social life of their respective countries.

It should also be noted that our program helps develop businesses and skills in areas related to the other 16 SDGs, for women as well as for men, eg.:
The WOMENVAI Academy Program is always financed jointly with the institutions carrying out the project locally, which usually provides the pool of 15 to 20 women selected according to objective criteria and who are able to come over to the location of the workshop over a period of maximum 4 days. To be able to be selected, each of the participants must submit an application containing:

  • CV
  • Motivation to join this training-action
  • Business creation project or broad outlines of said project, specifying its positioning in the value chain within the area and/or SDG chosen for the theme of the workshop.

We have already ran a number of

  • Bénin with ministry of Digital affairs, oct. 2019 – 20 women
  • Bénin with Youth4Challenge, march-sept. 2020 – 25 women
  • Mauritania with CMFA, oct 2021 – 50 women
  • Bénin with ministry of Digital affairs, oct. 2022 – 20 women